Cattlefacts over the hooks update – 23th June 2021

New grass and grain grids for JBS Dinmore and Rockhampton – Bulls up!

The Cattlefacts Over the Hooks update for the start of the forth week of June 2021 is out to Cattlefacts members.

Still no new grids in from Teys, but we have two fresh grids just in from JBS with bulls prices up inline with cows.

Both JBS grids are dated 21/06 and are for kills to the 11/07. Prices on the Rocky grid are slightly higher, with an increase of 5c across grass categories. The Rocky grid is numbered #F0569.

* Top price of $6.80 for 2t grass steers. Grass bulls are up 40c and cows are up 10c.
* Top price of $6.90 for 2t grain steers. Grain prices are up 15c for 100d and 5c for 70d.

We haven’t seen a grid from Dinmore in quite some time so there is no comment on prices, the grid is numbered #D748.

*Top price of $6.90 for t2 grass steers.Top price for grass bulls and cows is $6.10.

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