OTH Report – Update out for Cattlefacts members.

There were over the hooks updates out for Cattlefacts members for grids in from JBS over the weekend.

JBS Rockhampton and Townsville all prices are up on last grids. For Rocky, grass steers and heifers are up by 30c, grain is up 20c for 100d and 25c for 70d. For Rockhampton, bulls and cows weren’t up as much, improving only by 10c. The Townsville prices are softer than the Rock grid at about 15c.

There was also an update for Teys Beenleigh Grasslands, MSA and EU grid, where prices for Grasslands are up 2.9% on last grid.

Other news Bindaree has entered into its scheduled close down period and will return processing on 9/10/2020. A new slaughter grid will be released on the 9/10/2020 for limited numbers required for October.

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