Over the hooks update – 09th June – 2021

Another minor update is out this week to Cattlefacts members. There are updated grids for Teys Premium and JBS Rocky, there no changes to current grid prices.

* For Teys, we had a premium grids come in for both Rocky and Biloela prices are on par between the two grids. There is no change in price from the last premium grids we had in, with 4t EU Grasslands and Grasslands Steers 260+ kgs steady at $7.40.

* JBS Rocky have re-released grid number (#F0568) for grass and grain and is now dated the 07/06 for kills out to 20/06. Prices have not changed, with 4t Steers 300+ kgs steady at $6.70 and 100d 4t Grain Steers 300+ kgs at $6.70.

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