Over the hooks update – 10th July 2021 – Prices continue to firm up for Premium and Cows.

Prices continue to firm up for Premium and Cows. The latest Over the Hooks update is out today for Cattlefacts members,  with grass grids for NH Oakey, Teys, NH Wingham and Bindaree.

Top Price Oakey
*Natures Fresh 0-6t $7.50

Top price for Teys 2t grass 300kgs +
* Beenleigh $7.00
* Rocky/Biloela $6.90
* Naracoorte/Wagga $7.20

Top prices for NH Wingham
* $7.50 for MVNB Antibiotic Free (Accredited Producers)
* $7.20 for MVN MSA YG
* $7.00 for MSA Blue
* $6.70 for MSA Cow

Top grid pricing for Bindaree
* $6.30 Angus Cow
* $6.00 Cross Bred

NH Oakey have sent out an e-mail update this week, with grid #29G21. Again Natures Fresh is firmer by 10c. Grid pricing is for kills through to the end of August. So it looks like prices will be steady unless something suddenly impacts the market.

Teys have updated their web published grids on Friday the 7th this week and the latest grids are for grass only. Grids are numbered #015-21 and dated 8/07/21 for Rocky, Beenleigh and Biloela, prices are up 5c across all categories, except for bulls and cows which are up by 20c. Naracoorte has an updated grid numbered #010-21 and dated 8/07/21 and Wagga is now on grid #013-21 and dated 8/07/21, all prices are firmer on last grids.

NH Wingham have updated their web published grid, latest grid is #C29. All prices are firmer by 20-30c across all categories.

Bindaree have released grid #28-21, for kills week commencing 12/07 – Prices are steady


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