Over the hooks update – 14th April – Updated grids for Teys, Grass and Grain, Wingham Grass and MSA and Borthwicks. Prices are up for Teys and steady for others.

The Over the Hooks update for the second week of April 2021 is out to Cattlefacts members.

In this report we have and interesting observation on Teys prices this week. While Teys prices are up on last grids released. Grid prices are fluctuating within a 10c range for cows and bulls and a 20c range for steers and heifers. One grid release prices are up and the next they are down.

We have an update for Oakey for Grass, Natures Fresh and MSA grids and are numbered (#16G21, #16N21 and #15G21MSA). Grids were out on the 09/04.

Updated grids for grass and grain were released to the web from Teys for processing plants for QLD only last week. These grids are current as of the 06/04.

* Teys Biloela Grass grids is numbered (#009-21), prices are up last grid.
* Teys Rockhampton and Beenleigh grass and grain grids are numbered (#009-21) and (#609-21F) respectively. Prices are firmer.
* No new grids for Wagga or Naracoorte

For JBS there are no new grids.

Bindaree continues in NO Quote and Myola Feeder Grid #12-21 is still current and delivery is still set for 22/03 on the Bindaree site. Prices to Myola are at $4.25/Kg Steers and $3.95/Kg Heifers.

Wingham have released grid (#C16) for Grass and MSA grass for bookings 12/04 to the 16/04. Prices are steady on previous grids. Of note there has been no change in prices for the last 5 grids.

The Borthwick grid (#15G21) is the first one we have seen this year and prices are softer on other grids.

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