Over the hooks update – 14th May 21

Prices trend up as processor demand for beef continues.

The latest over the hooks update is out to cattlefacts members. This update we have grass and grain grids for Teys and grass and MSA for Wingham.

* Teys updated their grass and grain grids this week for Beenleigh, Rocky, Bioela and Wagga. Grids were updated 12/05 and dated 10/05. All grids are all numbered (#11-21) and grid prices are up 20c across all categories. Bulls are slightly firmer up 30c on last grids.

* The last public grid we had for Teys Wagga was (#08-21) and prices are up 50c on that grid. The last updated grass grid for Wagga was on the 22/03.

* NH Wingham have updated their grid for Wingham via the web. Prices are firmer and are up 10c on the last run of the grids Wingham released.

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