Over the hooks update – 19th April – Updated grids for Teys Premium.

Over the hooks update 2 – 19th April – Updated grids for JBS Rockhampton.

A quick update for tonight. A JBS grid came through for Rockhampton, is as re release of grid #F0567, with a new release date of 19th for kills prior to the 02/05. Prices are steady.

The Over the Hooks update for the start of the third week of April 2021 is out to Cattlefacts members today.

We had a couple of new grids in over the weekend along with fresh reports that Teys Rockhampton. They are offering a premium if you could meet delivery before the 23rd of April.

* The Teys Premium grid is for Rockhampton and is numbered (#009-21). EU and MSA steers and heifers are up 20c on last grid.

* Teys also updated their website late last week the only change was a new grain grid for Wagga. The grid is numbered (#609-21F). All prices are up 30c on the last grid we had in (#608-21F) dated 23/03.

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