Cattlefacts over the hooks update – 20th May – 2021

Cattlefacts over the hooks update – 20th May – Updated grids for Wingham and Bindaree (cows)

This is the Over the Hooks update for the start of the third week of May 2021. A slow week this week with only a couple of new grids out.

So here are a couple interesting links in regards to the recent announcements by Argentina and Indonesia. Some analysts are predicting a softer landing for prices on the recent highs.

Onto the grids!

Bindaree have sent out their first grid (#21-21) for the year. Starting with a top grid price for Cross Bred cows at $5.70. Angus x Angus cows are at $6.10. Kills are for the week commencing 24/05.

Again like clockwork NH Wingham have updated their grid(#C21) for Wingham. Prices are up 10c across all categories. Big news is that the grid format has also been changed and is now inline with the new look grid we saw recently from Oakey. This is a good thing as the Wingham grid was quite a challenge to navigate.

Apart from grouping MSA & Premium in one section and Trade categories in another, key grid label changes are:

  • No 1 – Manning Valley Naturally MSA (HGP/Antibiotic Free), is now labelled – MVNB
  • No 3 – Manning Valley Naturally MSA, is now labelled – MVN
  • No 4 – Wingham Blue MSA, is now labelled- MSA Blue
  • The 2 teeth category has been removed from Premium (Jap Ox). Now starts at 4 teeth
  • MSA Cow now has its own line.

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