Cattlefacts Over the hooks update – 22th July 2021

The latest Over the hooks update is out to Cattlefacts members for 22th July 2021. Grid pricing mostly remain steady.

In the latest Over the Hooks report we have updated grass grids for NH Oakey, new grain grids (October) for Teys Rocky and Beenleigh, latest for NH Wingham and an update for Bindaree. We also have the latest grid in for NH Borthwicks, we haven’t seen one published to the web for a while.

NH Oakey have sent out an e-mail update this week, with grid #31G21. Prices for Natures Fresh are steady, trade and export OX and manufacturing prices are up slightly.

Teys have updated their grain grids for OCTOBER kills this week to the web, prices are up 15c on last grid.

NH Winghams latest grid is #C31 was sent out to producers today, all prices are steady across all categories on last two grids #C29, and #C30 released.

Bindaree have released grid #AUG-21, for kills week commencing 04/08 for Angus & Crossbred cows.

Borthwicks grid #25SG21.

Top prices for Oakey – Natures Fresh 0-6t $7.50, Manufacturing 0-8t 300kgs+ $5.95 and Grass Cows 300kgs+ $6.40

Top prices for NH Wingham – $7.50 for MVNB Antibiotic Free (Accredited Producers), $7.20 for MVN MSA YG, $7.00 for MSA Blue and $6.70 for MSA Cow

Top grid pricing Bindaree – $6.70 MSA Graded Cow and $6.40 Non Graded Cow

Top grid pricing NH Borthwicks – $6.60 2t steers 300kgs + and $5.90 Cow 300kgs +

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