Over the hooks update – 22th June 2021

The latest Over the Hook update is out to Cattlefacts Members. There are updates for grids for Oakey, Bindaree and Wingham, all grids steady.

I have been holding out on sending out an Over the Hooks report expecting a new grid from Teys, we are still on the same grids released back in May! So while I wait on a Teys grids here is a update.

* We have an Oakey grid which came in on Friday and there is no change for Oakey. The latest re release of this grid is not dated but was sent to members on the 18th June, numbered (#25G21).

* Bindaree have also release a new Cow grid and this to hasn’t moved, top price is $6.10 for Angus Cows.

* Wingham released grid (#C26), all prices are steady on last grid (#C25).

Some articles worth reading

Here is an article from TEM on annual average beef export values across Australia


The weekly Grill – Kerry Lonergan – Tracey Hayes, live export market class action facilitator


Argentine meat packers are reported to have reached a preliminary deal with the nation’s government that will allow beef exports to partially re-open.



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