Over the hooks update – 25th November – New grids are in for Teys Grass, Grain, Grasslands and MSA

The latest Over the Hooks update is out to Cattlefacts members today.

New grids were release to the web this week for Teys grass and grain for processing plants in QLD, SA, NSW. We also have the latest Teys Rocky Grasslands, EU Grasslands and MSA grid for bookings into December.

Looking at the grids premium prices are holding steady running up to Christmas, whereas grass and grain categories are down.

The grass and grain grids for Rocky and Beenleigh are current as of the 24/11. Grids are numbered (#041-20 and #640-20F). Overall prices are down 20c across all categories, bulls are down 30c and cows are down 25c.

This Grasslands, EU Grasslands and MSA update is for Teys Rockhampton, the grid is numbered #039-20 dated 20/11, taking bookings into December all prices are steady on the last grid we published. FYI the last Rocky grid we had was #036-20 dated 19/10.

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