Over the Hooks update – 28th May – 2021

The Over the Hooks update is out to Cattlefacts members for 28th May.

This is the Over the Hooks update for the start of the last week of May 2021. In this update, updated grain grids for Teys and the latest grass and grain grid for JBS Rockhampton.

* Teys released updated grain grids for Beenleigh and Rockhampton this week, the grids are numbered (#612-21F) and prices are up 10c for 100 grain fed only. 70 day prices are steady.

* Finally we have the latest grass and grain grid from JBS Rocky. The Rockhampton grid (#F0568) is dated the 17th for kills out to the 30th. We only received this grid this week, so its been in circulation for some time. Prices are up 20c across all categories on the last JBS grid we had.

Other News


* Beef production and slaughter continues to fall as the rebuild continues
* Carcase weights continued to break new records on the back of greater feed availability and financial incentives


If you haven’t check out the new weekly grill pod cast from Kerry Lonergan here is a link – In this week’s episode of The Weekly Grill podcast series, host Kerry Lonergan turns up the heat on nutrition scientist and MLA special skills board member, Manny Noakes.


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