Over the hooks update – 28th October – Prices up and some steady – Supply vs. Demand

In this weeks over the hooks report is out to members. We have new grids in for JBS, Teys, Oakey and Wingham. JBS has re-released grid (#0558) this week for kills out to the 8/11. Prices for all categories haven’t moved.

Oakey grids for grass (#45G20) and MSA grass (#45G20MSA) appeared on the NH website this week and are dated the 22/10. Prices on the last grid for premium and trade cattle are up 6.5%. Export is up 5.1% and export Ox and Cows are up 3.4%. MSA prices are up 6.4%, There were no Natures Fresh prices in the web published grid.

Teys only provided updated grids this week for grain, prices are current as of the 27/10. Grids are numbered (#637-20F) and prices are up 1.5% for 100d and 0.7% for 70d. All grass categories, including bulls and cows are current as per the previous grid.

Wingham grid (#B44) was uploaded to the web with a date of 20/10 for booking to the 30/10. There are no price changes for all categories on the last grid we published (#B42).

Report Update: We have now added Grasslands prices to the detailed over the hooks report, other premiums to come.

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