Over the hooks update – 30th June 2021 – Prices continue to rise

There is an Over the hooks update out to Cattlefacts members for the 30th June, with updated grass and grain grids for Teys, grass and MSA grass for NH Wingham and Cows for Bindaree.

Oakey have been sending out emails notifying producers that grid prices haven’t changed on last grid (#25G21).

* Teys have updated their grids over the weekend, it looks like two rounds of grids have been posted for grain. Teys grids are numbered #614-21F (dated 24/06) and #613-21F (dated 23/06). Not quite to sure what is going on here as on the Teys website, as grid #14-21F marked for kills in July and #13-21F is marked for kills in Aug/Sept. There is a 10c difference in the grids with 14-21F being the cheaper. Could just a mix up in listing the grids. We have included the latest grid in our report.

Top price for Teys 2t grass 300kgs +
* Beenleigh $6.95
* Rocky/Bilolea $6.85

* NH Wingham have updated their grid for Wingham via the web. As withe the last grids all prices are firmer by 10c.

Top price for Wingham 4t grass 300kgs +
* Beenleigh $6.50

* Bindaree have released grid #27-21, for kills week commencing 05/07

Top grid pricing
* $6.30 Angus Cow
* $6.00 Cross Bred

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