Over the hooks update – 31st March – Updated grids for Teys Premium, Grass and Grain, JBS Rocky Grass and Wingham Grass and MSA – Prices continue to slide!

The Over the Hooks update for the fourth week of March 2021 is out to Cattlefacts members.

This is quite a big Over the Hooks update this week, given things were quiet last week.

Teys released updated grids for grass and grain to the web for for processing plants in SA, NSW and QLD. Grids are current as of the 25/03.

* Teys Rockhampton Premium grid numbered (#008-21), the previous premium grid we had was for Biloela dated (18/01), prices are down 10c on that grid. Of note EU/MSA Steers/Heifers are down 60c.

* Teys Biloela Grass grids is numbered (#008-21), again prices are down 20c on last grid including bulls and cows.
* Teys Rockhampton and Beenleigh grass and grain grids are numbers (#008-21) and (#608-21F) respectively. Prices are down 20c for grass and grain for Rockhampton, however Beenleigh grids prices are firmer by 10c.
* Teys Wagga Grass grid was updated and is numbered (#608-21), the grid is dated 22/03. All prices are down 20c on the last grid.
* The latest Grain grids we have for Wagga and Narracoorte are numbered (#608-21F) and (#607-21F) respectively. All prices are down 20c on the last grids, however Narracoorte prices are firmer by 10c.

Finally we have a new Grass grid in for JBS Rockhampton numbered #F0576 dated 30/03 for deliveries out to the second week of April. It looks like JBS have been sitting on the last grid #F0565 since late February prices are down 30c on that grid.

Bindaree is in NO Quote and Myola Feeder Grid #12-21 is still current – delivery 22/03. Prices to Myola are at $4.25/Kg Steers and $3.95/Kg Heifers.

Wingham have released grid (#C14) for Grass and MSA grass for bookings 29/03 to the 02/04. Again prices are steady on previous grids.

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