Over the hooks update for 21th of October, new grids for JBS and Teys

In this weeks over the hooks report we have new grids in for JBS and Teys. Prices are still on the rise and analyst sites have been reporting on the tightening of supply.

As usual Teys provided updated grids this week to the web and price are current as of the 19/10. Grids numbered (#036-20 and #636-20F) and again all prices up 10c for all grass categories, including bulls and cows. 100d and 70d grain prices are also up 10c across all categories. Rocky, Biloela and Beenleigh prices continues still on par.

We have also updated the over the hooks report, to include prices for Teys Narracoorte (SA) and Wagga (NSW). These grids are now appearing to be updated on a more regular basis.

The JBS Rocky grid #F0558 we have is up 15c on last grid #F0557, however the prices we have are for grass Ox only. We have assumed that female prices listed are the standard -.05c discount until we receive a female or a complete grid for JBS Rocky.

The grid for Townsville we have is (#S0543) for kills prior to the 25/10, the last Townsville grid we quoted on was (#S0540) for kills prior to 04/10. Prices in the latest grid are up 30c.

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