Over the hooks update for November 19th – New grid for Wingham

The latest Over the Hooks report is out to cattlefacts members, supply is still tight. In this weeks over the hooks report, we can only report on new grids from Wingham for grass and MSA grass.

The latest Wingham grid (#B47), release this week is for booking to the 27/11. Price changes are slightly up for some categories on the last grid we published (#B44).

Grass prices for premium and export are up 15c. Cows are up 15c, bulls are steady. MSA prices for Manning Valley Nat No1 are steady, No 3 are up 10c and No4 is also up 15c.

In other news prices were high at Yea store sale, 300kg steers pushing 600c/kg. https://www.stockandland.com.au/story/7011425/yea-steers-push-up-to-600-cents-a-kilogram/

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